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  • How To : Gradient Stamping

    Mar 12th 2019

    How To : Gradient Stamping

    Have you tried Gradient Stamping? In this tutorial Lo shows you how! It's fun and easy but if you don't get it the first time, just keep trying and you'll have fun stamped gradient nails in no time!&n…

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  • Leadlighting vs. Reverse Stamping

    Sep 2nd 2018

    Leadlighting vs. Reverse Stamping

    "Reverse stamping" refers to the technique where the stamped design is colored in while still on the stamper, and a decal is created to apply to the nail. You can also create this decal on a&nb…

    Published by Carleigh Pearce

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  • How To:  Vertical gradient manicure

    Jun 11th 2017

    How To: Vertical gradient manicure

    Today in Lounge and Learn, Kristi from Beginnails shares how to create a beautiful vertical gradient manicure.  She includes some must-have tips and makes it easy to follow along!  Watch thi…

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