COVID-19 Shipping Updates

Hello, friends! We hope you are well and staying safe and sane during these wild times.
As we are sure you are aware by now, international packages are taking longer to deliver due to the prioritization of necessary supplies on trucks and planes. We are beginning to receive messages from concerned customers about their International packages due to the lack of movement.
We spoke with the USPS International division and were assured that packages are indeed moving through the system, just much more slowly and often without tracking. Packages are beginning to appear at their destinations without the tracking ever updating at all! However, they are arriving after 4-6 weeks or longer, in some cases, even to Canada.
Rest assured that we are doing our part to ship packages as quickly as possible! Once we hand the orders over to the postal service, however, shipping delays are out of our control. As customers we are been in the same boat waiting for international orders.
We ask for your patience during this season. We do not want to cease international shipments, but we may have to if conditions don't improve. Fingers crossed we all pull through soon and safely.
Lantern & Wren