Dixie Plates

Dixie Plates come to us all the way from Australia! These fantastic stamping plates are created by Kate Dix. She designs each image herself, resulting in the unique, high quality, well etched stamping plates made available to you in the USA by Lantern & Wren. 

PRO TIP: Dixie Plates stamping plates are more finely etched than other brands of plates and are a more intermediate level of plate. Your stamping/scraping technique will need to be adjusted when you use these plates, so please don't worry if your initial attempt results in a different level of success than you expected. After a bit of a practice, these plates will work wonderfully for you!

We recommend our Super Stick nail stamper for use with these plates, as the extra sticky stamping head makes pickup much easier and it was created specifically for finely etched plates like these.

Take a look at the video below for a review of a few of these fantastic nail stamping plates, and browse through the selection of nail stamping plates that we brought in just for you from across the globe!


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