Nail Stamping Kits

Sometimes it's nice to have everything put together for you so you can add to cart, check out and be on your way! 

We know it can be overwhelming to look at the selection of nail stamping polishes availble to you.  To help you, we are pleased to offer the nail stamping polish sets from Clear Jelly Stamper to help you get started with nail stamping quickly. Give one as a gift to yourself or someone else who needs more nail stamping in their life! Add a stamper and a plate and you're ready to go!

But what if you want a surprise?  Cue our Mystery Box! Receive a  fun-filled nail mail surprise, for one low price. Each box is guaranteed to contain a higher value of product than the price of the box, so it's a great deal and a fun way to try out some new nail art supplies.  You might just find you have a new favorite brand, color or plate after trying out the contents of your mystery box!

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