How To: Vertical gradient manicure


Today in Lounge and Learn, Kristi from Beginnails shares how to create a beautiful vertical gradient manicure.  She includes some must-have tips and makes it easy to follow along!  Watch this tutorial and you will be painting your own nail art designs with gradients in no time.  Wear your gradient manicure all on its own, or use it as a base for nail art designs.  

This tutorial is ideal for beginners, but there are some neat tips in here that even veterans will enjoy.

Products used can be found here:

Mani Defender - Liquid latex cuticle barrier

Irresistible - Matte nail lacquer

Unforgettable - Matte nail lacquer

I'll Stick Wichu - Base coat

Orange sticks (coming soon!)

Find more from Beginnails on Instagram at @beginnails and on her blog at  Thank you, Kristi! 

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