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Latex allergy sufferers, rejoice! Keepin' it Peel started as a water based nail polish that has been formulated for use as a peel off base coat. This polish has been specifically made to stay on your nail, until you need it to peel off. Makes removing glitter polishes a breeze, and without the need for buckets of harsh acetone!

Cosmetic Sanctuary reviewed this amazing peel off base coat here: Keepin it Peel.  She says, "Hit The Bottle Keepin’ It Peel is a latex free, water based peel off base that’s meant for longer wear. If you are familiar with UNT, this is a similar feel but not as harsh for me. If you’ve used UNT before, Hit The Bottle Keepin’ It Peel feels like a thicker version of UNT so only 1 coat is required. It applies clear and takes approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds to fully dry. Once dry, apply polish and top coat (remember to wrap your nails and extend the top coat beyond the base coat to “seal” it to your nail even more)...My wear test lasted 3 days and was still going well, but I had blogging obligations so I did remove it after 3 days."

Be sure to read her entire review of Keepin it Peel and grab your bottle today!

One of our customers shared this review in our Facebook group, All About That Stamp:

"Used Hit the Bottle peel off base coat on last mani, with polygel nails. I didn't think it would peel since it had been on for about 10 days but it came right off except around the tips - but that popped off using an orange stick!"

It is NOT recommended to use "Keepin it Peel"- peel off base coat OVER a regular base coat and then peel the whole lot off. Doing so will most likely cause damage to the nail, as regular base coats are designed to adhere to your nail and wait for the arrival of polish and adhere to that too! The peel off is designed to peel and isn't compatible with regular base coat, unless you choose to put a "regular" base coat over the top of Keepin it Peel. Keepin it Peel should always go directly onto the surface of the nail


For best results ensure your nails are clean, dry and oil free. A quick swipe with acetone may be needed.

Apply one coat and allow to dry completely. Being water based, this product is slower drying than a regular base coat that you may be used to using. A hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying process.

If you are planning to wear your polish for a number of days, or if it is a relatively thin polish then a second coat may be necessary. One coat should be sufficient for heavy glitters or under gel polish.

When you are ready to peel off your polish, just lift an edge with an orange stick and peel.



Polyurethane, Acrylates Copolyer, Stearalkonium hectorite, Propylene Glycol, Water


Looking for another option? Try out the Lantern & Wren latex-based base coat here. 


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