Water Based Top Coat - SOPHi by Piggy Paint

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You've finished your foil, chrome, or holo mani! Now it's time to protect your design.  Regular top coats can cause foil to crack, and dull holo and chrome finishes.  This glossy water based topcoat by SOPHi (by popular non-toxic nail polish company Piggy Paint) is a revolutionary water-based formula that will protect your manicure without damaging the delicate finish underneath!

Note: This top coat is thinner than a regular top coat, so you don't need to use as much during application.

Instructions for Wear

Due to the nature of the water-based formula, this top coat is not as long-lasting as regular top coats.  For added scratch resistance and the maximum wear time, we recommend a "top coat sandwich." 

  1. Complete your nail art design.
  2. Cover your mani with the SOPHi water based top coat and blow dry or fan dry the top coat.
  3. Apply a regular top coat over the dry SOPHi top coat.


The SOPHI water based top coat will protect your mani from the effects of the regular top coat, and the regular top coat will protect the water based top coat from chipping. Using this method should provide you with the length and strength of mani you are used to, while allowing you to experience the full beauty of foil, holo and chrome finishes.

This nail polish top coat is also an excellent option if you prefer a less toxic top coat than even 3-free or 5-free polishes have to offer.

0.5 fl. oz. (15 ml)

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