Gamesalotl - Lantern & Wren Nail Stamping Plate

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It's dangerous to go alone, take this! Introducing the Gamesalotl Nail Stamping Plate.

Are you a die-hard gamer who wants to level up your nail game? Look no further! Gamesalotl is here to transform your nails into a canvas of gaming adventures.

Whether you're a fan of D&D, classic video games, or the latest gaming releases, this stamping plate is designed to unleash your inner gaming god or goddess.

Dive into the vast world of gaming and express your passion on your nails. Whether you're attending a gaming convention, streaming your favorite titles, or simply want to showcase your gaming pride, Gamesalotl provides an endless array of nail art possibilities!

14.5cm x 9 cm, stainless steel

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