Superbly Small Nail Stamper - Small Clear Jelly Nail Stamper

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The Superbly Small nail stamper is a must-have nail stamper that has been a community request for quite a long time. After a long effort, we are pleased to finally announce this incredible stamper is now available, exclusively from Lantern & Wren!

No more wrangling your large stamper for small images! The Superbly Small stamper is a clear nail art stamper with a clear jelly stamper head, which makes placement of your nail art designs quick and easy. You can look directly through the closed bottom (no dust will gather inside!) and right through the clear stamping head, all the way to your nail.

The clear stamping head of this nail stamper measures approximately 2.2 cm across. The handle is approximately 4 cm in length.  This stamper is ideal for quickly placing small images, for use on small nails and even for travel! Grab an extra to keep in your suitcase or travel bag and always be ready to slay with fantastic nail art.

We are thrilled to provide this useful nail stamping tool to the nail art community! The Superbly Small is incredibly easy to use and is an excellent stamper for beginning nail artists, while remaining just as useful for experienced nail techs.  Grab yours and a stamping plate today and get started! Includes a Lantern & Wren scraper card!

Please note: this stamper does not come with a cap. We highly recommend using our stamper storage for easy, clean storage of your stamper. 


Pro Tips:

  • Don't forget your bottle of Mani Defender for easy cleanup!
  • Gently roll the stamper over the design on your nail plate for each pickup
  • No need to prime this stamper -- it's ready to go!
  • Stock up on Magpie Glitter to stamp onto your nails using this stamper to make your manis truly sparkle!

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