Simply Red Clear Jelly Stamper - Sticky Nail Stamper

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The Simply RED clear jelly stamper by Lantern & Wren is the red version of our incredibly popular Simply Silver nail stamper!

Rated by nail artists as one of the best nail art stampers out there, it has a huge, clear stamping head, perfect for seeing your nail art and placing it in just the right spot on your fingernail.  

The large stamping head is incredibly squishy, sticky and picks up quickly and easily when you gently roll it over the design on your nail stamping plate. This stamper head is the stickiest clear head we could find, and although it is not as sticky as an opaque stamper, it is very sticker for a clear stamper.

The Simply Silver stamper comes with a cap to protect your stamping head and keep it clean. It also comes with a Lantern & Wren scraper card to easily spread the nail polish into your stamping plate designs.

From new-to-the-art, all the way to established YouTube nail artists, our classic, elegant nail art stamper has quickly become a favorite among nail artists of all abilities. Grab yours and a stamping plate today and get started!

Mama Hearts Polish did a video review of the Simply Silver version of this stamper! Take a peek below:


Pro Tips:

  • Don't forget your bottle of Mani Defender for easy cleanup!
  • Gently roll the stamper over the design on your nail plate for each pickup
  • No need to prime this stamper -- it's ready to go!


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