Super Stick Stamper Replacement Stamping Head - Sticky Nail Stamper Head

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This is a replacement stamping head for the Super Stick stamper!  You can read about the stamper/stamping head below.  With this product, you will receive one replacement stamping head -- no silver stamping handle or card are included. 


For the complete stamper, purchase our Super Stick stamper.


The Super Stick is an EXTREMELY sticky opaque nail stamper by Lantern & Wren.  We tested several stamping heads, and this is the stickiest (without being too sticky!) stamper head that we tested.  It picks up fine lines like a dream, and is an excellent stamper to have on hand for those tricky, hard-to-pickup plates.  We put our name on it, so we believe it is one of the best sticky nail stampers out there.

Due to the stickiness of the stamper, it can pick up just about any design, as well as the occasional bit of dust! Don't worry -- we made sure that our stamper is easy to clean, as we would rather spend our time stamping than cleaning our nail stamper. Simply grab a piece of Scotch tape or a lint roller and place it on the stamper head to pull off any remaining bits of nail art or dust. We highly recommend our custom stamper storage for the best care of your Super Stick nail art stamper.

STAMPING TIP: Because this stamper is SO sticky, it sometimes wants to hold the nail art on the stamper rather than releasing it onto your nail. This is easily overcome, however, with our I'll Stick Wichu base coat. Simply place a thin layer of I'll Stick Wichu over your base color and let it dry. In the meantime, you can pick up your stamping design on your Super Stick. Once the I'll Stick Wichu has dried (about 2 minutes), you can stamp your design as usual and it should transfer with ease.

We are thrilled to provide this useful nail stamping tool to the nail art community! The Super Stick is an excellent stamper for beginning nail artists, and is just as useful for experienced nail techs.  Grab yours and a stamping plate today and get started! Includes a Lantern & Wren scraper card!


Pro Tips:

  • Don't forget your bottle of Mani Defender for easy cleanup!
  • Gently roll the stamper over the design on your nail plate for each pickup
  • No need to prime this stamper -- it's ready to go!


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