S Magnet for Magnetic Nail Polish

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Create a wide variety of gorgeous effects in your magnetic nail polish with this S magnet from Lantern & Wren.  This magnet can be placed in a variety of different positions to help you make stunning, unique nail art patterns, particularly the always eye-catching cat eye effect! 

To achieve your look, simply arrange the magnet in the desired position and hold the magnet over the wet nail polish for 10-15 seconds. Apply top coat and while it is still wet, hold the magnet over the same place again. If you are using gel polish, hold the magnet over uncured gel polish and then and then immediately cure with a UV lamp for 2 minutes or with an LED lamp for 60 seconds.

The closer you hold the magnet to the polish, the better -- just DON'T bump into your wet polish with the magnet!

Take a look at the video by nail artist Christy Rose below for an excellent tutorial on all the ways to use this must-have nail art tool.

Magnet Warnings:

1. Keep away from pacemakers.
2. Powerful magnets can damage electronics.
3. Not for children, parental supervision required.
4. All magnets may chip and shatter, but if used correctly can last a lifetime.
5. If damaged please dispose of completely. Shards are still magnetized and if swallowed can inflict serious damage.



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