Enchanted Gems (CJSLC-101) - Nail Stamping Plate

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CjSLC-101 Enchanted Gems, a collaborative masterpiece with @enchantednailsbykellie, is a steel nail art layered stamping plate that encapsulates ethereal beauty and intricate details. This enchanting plate showcases an array of mesmerizing gemstones, hearts, stars, diamonds, moons, and sun motifs, offering a treasure trove of options for your nail art.

The full-coverage designs grant you the ability to create stunning and detailed nail decorations that sparkle and shine with a celestial charm. From delicate flowers to ornate necklaces, each element is meticulously crafted, allowing for a seamless incorporation into your nail designs.

Whether you're aiming for an elegant celestial theme or seeking to adorn your nails with the allure of precious gemstones, this plate elevates your nail art to a realm of enchantment and sophistication.

14 x 9 cm

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