Watercolor Pumpkins (CjSH-99) - Nail Stamping Plate

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Watercolor Pumpkins by Clear Jelly Stamper

Dive into a palette of autumn enchantment with the CjSH-99 "Watercolor Pumpkins" steel nail art layered stamping plate – your ticket to a pumpkin party that's as playful as a Halloween night! Get ready to celebrate October 31st in style with designs that capture the essence of this spirited season.

Picture your nails as mini canvases, waiting to be transformed into jack-o'-lantern masterpieces. With pumpkins galore, each one wearing its own grin, you'll have a whole patch of nail art fun right at your fingertips. Scary faces, the kind that makes you giggle more than shiver, add a touch of spookiness that's perfect for the season.

But what's a pumpkin party without some autumn leaves? These designs rustle with excitement as if they've just fallen from the trees and onto your nails. And speaking of excitement, "Boo!" – that's the soundtrack of this Halloween adventure! With playful fonts and exclamation marks, your nails will practically shout with joy.

The colors of fall come alive on your nails, like a parade of leaves in shades of red, orange, and gold. It's a celebration of all things cozy and warm, wrapped up in the magic of nail art. And don't forget "Scar Face" – he might sound fearsome, but he's just another pumpkin friend in disguise.

As you admire your nails, you might just hear the faint rustling of leaves in the wind. It's like your nail art has come to life, ready to dance through the season. And when it comes to carving pumpkins, who says you can't do it on your nails? With these designs, you're the artist, carving smiles and grins onto your own mini pumpkins.

So grab your favorite fall shades, add a sprinkle of creativity, and let the CjSH-99 plate take you on a watercolor adventure. With jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and expressions, autumn leaves that practically twirl, a friendly "Boo!" to keep things lively, and a splash of fall colors that rivals the most vibrant sunset, your nails are in for a Halloween treat that's as sweet as candy corn and as playful as a pumpkin parade!

Comes with our brand new "Step by Step" guide!

BONUS Clear View Spec Sheet - not included for every plate

14 x 9 cm 

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