Undercover Tinted Basecoat, Sandy Apricot - Hit the Bottle Stamping Polish

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Choose from a pink ("Dusty Rose") or apricot ("Sandy Apricot") tinted basecoat! This listing is for Sandy Apricot, the more tan of the two polishes, shown on the right in the second photo above.
  • designed to be used under sheer polishes to help eliminate visible nail line (VNL).
  • allowing your sheer polishes to build quicker and in less coats. Swatches show one coat. 
  • may slightly change the colour of very pale polishes 
  • suits most skin tones
The creator of Hit the Bottle nail polishes says:
"These are to be used underneath sheer polishes allowing you to use less coats of your polish and to hide the VNL (visible nail line) quicker.
I was unsure what colour to make to suit a variety of skin tones so ended up making two. "Sandy Apricot" and "Dusty Rose". I don't have any really sheer polishes but I noticed yesterday when swatching Dusty Rose that my coloured polishes were applying a lot thicker and denser looking. (Now the weather is cold here, whereas when I swatched Sandy Apricot it was summer and all the polishes used applied much thinner.)
Despite being sheer Dusty Rose pretty much builds to opacity in 2 coats.
I've been told that applied under a white creme polish that these change the colour of the white polish. I tried this yesterday and my camera could not pick up the subtle discoloration of the polish very well. So I wouldn't recommend them used under a white creme and keep in mine since they are a coloured base they may change the colour of pale polishes applied over them. One way to eliminate this would be to try to do as few brush strokes as possible when applying your pale coloured polish over the top, or to use a pale sheer polish such as Polar Bear first. But this may then pull the polish more toward white."

9 ml bottle 


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