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DOORBUSTER Ultimate Nail Mat - Massive Nail Art Mat - SPECIAL DISCOUNT for Manufacturer Error

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The Ultimate Nail Art Mat is the biggest nail art mat available! This mat was specifically designed with the input of a variety of nail artists, to provide you with the features you need to create beautiful nail art designs with ease.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: This mat was printed with extra large nail forms due to a manufacturer error. Because of this, we are pleased to offer these amazing mats to you at an extremely discounted price, while supplies last!

Features include:

  • Checkerboard -- The checkerboard provides you with several white, clear and black 2 inch x 2 inch squares. These squares can be used to test out nail stamping over black or white, for creating nail decals, for testing polish colors, and for anything else that you'd like!

  • Nail shapes -- If you're Fiona from Shrek, these nail shapes are just the right size for you. However, due to a manufacturer error, if you're not a giant, they may be wider than you need! We have found that the two inch length of these nail shapes is perfect for longer nails.  While the 1 inch width is more than most people need, there is still plenty of room to sort rhinestones and nail jewelry, make decals, sort your polish, and even create two nail designs on one nail -- simply draw a thin line of polish down the middle of one nail. We are excited to see to what creative uses you put these extra ambitious nail shapes!

  • "Clear" side -- One half of this nail art mat is (mostly) clear! This design feature is a huge bonus for bloggers and vloggers, as it is the perfect place to put your printed logo. Simply slide it underneath the mat and when you create your nail art over the mat, your logo will be clearly visible in your photos and videos.  Print out a list of the polishes/plates you are using for a particular look and place it under the mat, or even place a printed instruction under the mat for each step of a tutorial before you take each photo.  There are endless uses for this clear section, and it is one of the features we are the most excited about!

  • White side -- The white side of the mat is perfect for nail artists who prefer a large section for testing polishes, trying out stamping, creating decals, and more. Do you need a place to test colors next to each other? This is a fantastic place to try it out! 

  • Size -- The Ultimate Nail Art Mat is 60 cm x 40 cm (23.6 in x 15.7 in). At almost TWO FEET WIDE, this mat will completely cover your working space, protecting the surface underneath, while still giving you plenty of room to keep your nail art materials on the mat and work on it at the same time.


3 Reviews

  • 5
    Best stamping mat

    Published by Unknown on Sep 9th 2018

    This mat have everything & is sticky enough underneath to make it stay in place.

  • 5
    Absolutely Love Mat!!!

    Published by Suzanne aka @girlienails66 on Sep 9th 2018

    I knew this mat was big but didn't really realize how big. Its massive! And its awesome! It fits perfectly on my desk and covers and protects. The nail images are big but honestly I really don't care. I've never really used them. I do love this mat very much and am super pleased with my purchase! Thank you so much!

  • 5
    it's real and it's spectacular

    Published by Vicki Baughman on Aug 31st 2018

    There's only one word to describe this mat: HUGE

    It's the most versatile and functional mat in my collection. Did I mention it's huge? #sizematters

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