The Sparkle Stamper - XL Stamper - Snow-Globe

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You already have the Big Bling… it's time to make a bit more room in your collection, because we are thrilled to share with you the CjS ✨Sparkle✨ Stamper!
Of course, the back is wide open for the ultimate view. After all, we LOVE clear stampers so we can #SEEwhereWeStamp

Included - 1 x ✨Sparkle✨handle
1 x jelly stamping head
1 x protective cap, and 1 x scraper

H - 6.5cm x D - 4.5cm


This clear jelly stamper is not only beautiful to behold, it is also an extremely functional nail stamping tool.  The ultra-big clear jelly stamping head measures in at 1.12 inches in diameter and is extremely squishy. The body of The Big Bling clear nail stamper is completely clear, allowing maximum saturation of light through the stamper. This makes it much easier to see the placement of your nail art designs as you create the perfect stamped manicure. 


You may have heard that clear jelly stamper heads are delicate.  Keep in mind that the clear stamper heads are soft and are not marshmallow heads, so use gentle pressure when applying to a nail.  As long as you treat them gently, they will last!


Note: Please don't use your clear stampers with matte nail polish top coat. It will cloud your stamper... and never ever use anything abrasive on your clear jelly heads!


Store your stamper out of direct sunlight and store extras separately.

Included - Handle, Cap, Base, 1 Jelly & Scraper


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