Subscription Box

Month of Manis Nail Art Subscription

New nail mail and amazing manis are at your fingertips with the exclusive subscription box by Lantern &  Wren!

We know you love nail mail and we are thrilled to offer our very own subscription box to provide you with unique, brand new nail art items every month! Month of Manis™ ships around the 1st of every month and contains one full sized stamping plate, which you can view ahead of time on the Month of Manis website, as well as a minimum of 1 additional nail art item (but often more than one), PLUS shipping is included!

If you are on a single month plan, you can easily skip the next renewal in your account before the billing date (the 10th of each month) so you can enjoy every box, risk free.  

The plate will be shown ahead of time each month, and the "extras" in the box will always be a surprise! 

The monthly plate will be released eventually at Lantern & Wren, but not until at least the following month at the very earliest. Sold out plates and seasonal plates will likely take longer to become available. 

Claim your Month of Manis box now before subscriptions fill up and we close it again!

Plates from previous boxes that have now been released to the public are available for individual purchase below.  Please note this is the plate only, rather than the entire subscription box. To sign up for the subscription box, head over to and start your monthly nail mail today!

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