Sapphire - Metallic Stamping Nail Polish - 9 ml

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Girly Bits Sapphire Stamping Polish is an opaque sapphire blue metallic polish formulated specifically for stamping nail art. It is hand made with the same high quality ingredients that you have come to love and trust from Girly Bits polish. Ingredients will be listed on the bottom label as per usual. Stamping polishes are 5-Free.

Sapphire Stamping Polish offers excellent pickup on your stamper, and full opaque coverage. Girly Bits stamping polish is not intended as a regular nail polish. You can safely apply it to your nails if you wish, however you will find the formula thicker and not optimal for smooth self leveling application, and due to heavier pigmentation in stamping polishes, the darker shades *may* stain the nail if applied directly to the nail as a full coverage lacquer. Girly Bits Stamping Polishes also make great nail art polishes due to their excellent coverage. If you find the consistency of them too thick for nail art, you can mix a small amount on an art palette with some polish thinner, or clear polish or suspension base (*not quick dry top coat*)

Caring for your Girly Bits Stamping Polish:

  • Please shake each polish well before use to achieve a more fluid consistency and assure even pigment distribution.
  • Keep the necks of your bottles clean and free of polish build up, by giving them a quick wipe with a paper towel with a little acetone or thinner if necesary. Stamping polishes are a thicker viscosity, and you may find it builds up on the neck a little easier than regular polish. This will ensure an air tight seal, and prolong the shelf life of your polish. If you find it to be too thick, you can add polish thinner a few drops at a time.

All Girly Bits Stamping polishes are in a 9mL square bottle and labeled as stamping polish, so you can easily identify them in your collection.

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