Ombre Nail Art Brush - Lantern & Wren Exclusive

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Another great Lantern & Wren brush, with another beautiful handle color!

Ombre nails create a beautiful manicure and a stunning base for nail art.  If an ombre manicure is what you're after, Lantern & Wren has you covered!  We are pleased to present the ombre brush as the newest part of our high-end nail art brush line to add to your collection.

This brush is perfect to use with gel polish, and you may be able to achieve the same results with regular nail polish if you work quickly. It is also an exceptional tool for drybrushing! See the video here for instructions on this fun, easy technique: Drybrushing How To

To achieve the ombre effect, apply the colors you have selected for your manicure to the nail, and then drag the ombre brush very lightly back and forth between the nail polish colors.

Pro Tips:

  • Use the brush from a dry state -- no need to wet it.
  • We recommend that you clean the brush between every 2-3 strokes to keep a clean look.  Lint-free wipes work best for this.
  • When you have the look you like, cure your polish (if using gel) and repeat the process again.
  • Top with our wipe-free gel polish top coat for long-lasting shine and durability!

This high quality brush is made with synthetic bristles, ensuring NO animal cruelty. It features beautiful crystals in the handle, making it a brush you can feel proud to leave on your nail art table. Plus, we've selected ebony crystals for this handle, allowing you to choose this brush without the need to remove your caps from all of your Lantern & Wren nail art brushes.

This ombre nail art brush also has a lovely, perfectly balanced weight without being too hefty.

The metal handle of this must-have brush is designed to hold up to acetone, and unlike many wooden-handled brushes that melt under acetone after first contact, this brush will stand up to wear and use, time and time again.

Each nail art brush comes with a vented cap for storage and bristle protection.  The air hole in the top will allow your brush to air dry when stored.  

We recommend cleaning your brush with isopropyl alcohol or 100% acetone after each use.<


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