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Finally, an easy way to get around needing to SEE where you're stamping with the Moyra SuperSizer!

Don't let the small package fool you -- these water transfer nail stickers from Moyra make your shrinking/enlarging, layering, or even delaying your stamping and positioning of nail art designs on your nails MUCH easier.

To use these Moyra transfer stickers, simply stamp your chosen design onto one of the clear transfer stickers.  Then, cut out the design and soak it off the sheet in water.  After the design is "soaked out", simply place your design smoothly on your nail, avoiding letting any creases form.

Using these stickers means you can place the first layer, then add another...and another...resulting in a beautiful and easy layered nail art design!


  1. Stamp or paint your design onto the sticker sheet.
  2. Cut out your design (also called a decal at this point), and remove the transparent foil from the top of the sticker sheet.
  3. Using a pair of tweezers, hold your nail decal in water for 10-20 seconds.
  4. Carefully slide the nail decal off the white sticker backing.
  5. Gently position the nail decal on your nail, positioning it carefully.
  6. After positioning, dab excess water off the top of the nail decal.
  7. To protect your design, paint over the top of your nail and the decal with a top coat (gel or regular).


Each sticker sheet: 8cm x 8cm

3 sheets per package

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