Moyra Stamping Nail Polish - SP 33 - Magnetic Blue

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All the way from Budapest, this MAGNETIC blue stamping nail polish from Moyra is an extra pigmented, fast drying nail polish made specifically for stamping your nails!


How to apply magnetic nail polish:


  • Apply a thin layer of dark base polish and let it dry, or just use the magnetic polish as a base and move to directions below.
  • Apply a generous (thick) amount of magnetic polish and immediately hover your magnet in the desired position close to the nail. We recommend 1/8in - 1/4in (3mm - 6mm) distance.
  • How magnet over nail for about 15 seconds. PRO TIP: Do not move your hand; keep the magnet in one position for all 15 seconds.
  • Remove the magnet and let the polish dry. The longer you hold magnet over the nail and closer to the nail, the more defined magnetic effect line you will get.
  • After using a clear top coat, hold the magnet over your nail one final time for 5-10 seconds to complete the magnetic effect.


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