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Mani Defender Liquid Latex - Purple Watermarble Edition

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    After receiving wonderful feedback from our testers, we are thrilled to share that our purple liquid latex is especially suited for use when you are doing a water marble! This particular color, more than the others, stands up to the water and doesn't disintegrate like other liquid latex for nails can.

    You can still use the Mani Defender - Water Marble Edition for protecting your skin and cuticles during any manicure, whether it is a water marble or not. However at just $6.95, we recommend grabbing another color to use for your regular nail art, and save this one for your watermarbles -- you don't want to run out!


    Save your time and your skin with Mani Defender liquid latex! Simply paint the liquid latex, also known as nail tape, around your nails as you see in the pictures above and let dry (it dries fast!). Then apply your stamping, gradient, or nail art. The excess polish will easily peel off with the liquid latex when you are finished!

    Ammonia free. Just how easy is it to use?

    Check out the videos (click the videos tab above) to see how easy it is to use!


    I found Mani Defender on Etsy when another latex clean I had purchased took too long to be delivered. I purchased that brand because I saw most of the nail accounts I follow use it. That other brand just doesn't apply as well as Mani Defender. So that other one just sits in a drawer."

    This is the best and most inexpensive product I have used! This is amazing because your fingers can touch without getting them stuck. It dries super fast and it is so easy to remove!" 

    Mani Defender ships worldwide and has been selling out quickly, so please don't wait.


    NOTES: Mani Defender CONTAINS LATEX because IT IS LATEX. Please DON'T USE if you are allergic to latex! 

    15 ml (0.5 oz) in size.

    Thank you to @velascokeira for the pictures! Find her on Instagram for more pictures and nail art.

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    1. Makes clean up after nail art so easy.

      This is easy to apply, dries in a jiffy and is a breeze to remove. I highly recommend this product. on Jul 7th 2017

    2. Amazing!

      I was always the type to use a small brush dipped in polish remover to clean up my nails after a manicure. I decided to give Mani Defender a try...and holy WOW! What a time saver! This stuff is great! It peels off easily, and I no longer have to spend time cleaning up around my cuticles. Great product on Jul 4th 2017

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    • Mani Defender™ in action!
      Here is Mani Defender™ by Ellison's Organics in action! See ho...
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    Mani Defender™ in action!

    Here is Mani Defender™ by Ellison's Organics in action! See how easy it is to peel? Thank you to @hillarykozuch for the video -- find her on Instagram for more nail art and videos. Follow @ellisonsorganics for more natural, organic products for your body and home and for specials and new product announcements.
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