Magnetic Pigment Powder - Pink

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Use this magnetic pigment powder from Moyra with UV Gel to create stunning cat eye effect manicures! We recommend using a strong magnet, such as our N52 bar magnet. For best results, dip your gel top coat into the magnetic powder and apply when still wet when applying the top coat. (Don't forget to clean your brush before putting it back in the top coat bottle!)


1) black base
2) top coat and dip brush in pigment and spread on nail
3) magnetize
4) top coat

It is possible to use this powder with regular nail polish if you follow the same steps:

Use a black base, then apply then a thicker layer of top coat (not quick drying!). Dip top coat brush in the pigment and brush on the nail while the top coat is still fully wet. Magnetize. Then, do top coat only one last time and magnetize again.

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