Halloween Silhouettes (CjSH-98) - Nail Stamping Plate

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Halloween Silhouettes by Clear Jelly Stamper

Step into the enchanting darkness of Halloween with the CjSH-98 "Halloween Silhouettes" stamping plate – your passport to a whimsically spooky nail art escapade! This plate is like a haunted storybook filled with characters that are both eerie and playfully charming.

Picture this: your nails become the canvas for a cast of spooky goblins and ghosts, all dressed up in their Halloween finest. It's a parade of scare with a side of giggles! From the graveyard gates to the mysterious mummies, these designs let you channel your inner Halloween mischief-maker.

But wait, there's more! Skeleton hands reaching out from the beyond, casting their bony spell on your nails. Witches soaring through the night sky on their broomsticks, leaving trails of magic in their wake. Moons shining bright, as if they've turned their spotlight just for you. And who could forget the haunted mansions? They might be spooky, but they're also bursting with character!

Of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without a black cat crossing your path. But don't worry, this one brings luck, not bad juju! And those bloody handprints? It's like your nails are part of a mystery novel, and you're the detective solving the case of the missing candy.

Trick or treat? How about both? Pumpkins grin mischievously, while spiders and bats add an extra dose of Halloween flair. Owls hoot from the shadows, keeping watch over your nail art masterpiece.

Armed with your favorite nail art stamping polishes and a touch of imagination, the CjSH-98 plate lets you unleash the playful spookiness of Halloween onto your nails. With a lineup that includes scary goblins and ghosts, a moonlit cemetery, gates to the unknown, mummies, witches, haunted mansions, black cats, bloody hands, trick-or-treat delights, pumpkin grins, and a menagerie of spiders and bats, you're all set to craft a nail art story that's equal parts eerie and utterly enchanting!

Comes with our brand new "Step by Step" guide!

BONUS Clear View Spec Sheet - not included for every plate

14 x 9 cm 

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