Gradient Sponge Brush - with 4 Extra Sponge Heads

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Gradients and subtle faded backgrounds for your nail stamping are so much easier with this wonderful sponge wand.  It has two sponge ends -- one that is perfectly rounded, and one with a slight wedge shape, to allow you to place your polish exactly where you want it.  

You can use this brush with both gel nail polish, regular nail polish and water based paint, although we recommend gel polish and water based paint over regular nail polish.

Ideas for Use: 

  • Dab a small amount of polish for a subtle shift, like gentle white puffy clouds on a base of light blue polish.  
  • The lighter the use, the more "airbrush" of a look you will have.  
  • Use more polish and tap the brush on your nails more times for a more obvious gradient look.  
  • Create a "sandy" look on the tips or base of your nails for a beach mani
  • Dab gently in a few place with the tip for a snow flurry look
  • The uses are limited only by your imagination! 


How to Use:

  • Place a drop of nail polish on your silicone mat
  • Gently dab the end of the sponge head into the polish
  • Tap the sponge head onto your nail, placing it more times for a more covered look/fewer times for an airy, airbrush look
  • Finish your manicure as desired, then seal with a top coat
  • Clean the sponge head as recommended below



The sponge heads can be cleaned and reused! We recommend that you clean the sponge heads with acetone and a paper towel if you use regular nail polish, dabbing the sponge head into the acetone remover, and then pressing the sponge head onto a paper towel until the polish is gone. Press a few more times to allow the paper towel to absorb as much of the wetness as possible.  Let the sponge head finish air drying.  



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