Graceful leaves (CjS-318) - Nail Stamping Plate

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Graceful Leaves by Clear Jelly Stamper

Introducing the whimsical CjS-318 Steel Nail Art Layered Stamping Plate - "Graceful Leaves" edition. Prepare to be enchanted by a collection that celebrates the beauty of autumn with full coverage designs that capture the essence of falling leaves in all their graceful glory.

Step into a world of swirling red, brown, orange, and green color leaves that dance upon your nails, bringing the spirit of autumn to life. With "Graceful Leaves," you can recreate the magic of the season, where leaves fall gracefully from the trees, creating a stunning mosaic of colors as they carpet the ground.

Butterflies flit about, adding an extra touch of playfulness to the design, while delicate maple leaves and ferns sway gently in the autumn breeze. These designs are more than just nail art; they're little masterpieces that pay homage to the artistry of nature.

Indulge in the joy of stamping as you bring the wonder of the fall season to your fingertips. With each stroke of the stamp, you'll feel the crispness of the autumn air and the serenity of leaves floating gracefully to the earth.

Transform your nails into a canvas of grace and elegance, where the beauty of nature unfolds in intricate patterns and harmonious colors. Let your manicure tell a story of autumnal enchantment, where the leaves are your dancers, and the breeze is your conductor.

With "Graceful Leaves" CjS-318, your nail art will become a testament to the magic of autumn, where falling leaves, butterflies, maple leaves, and ferns come together to create a playful symphony of colors and shapes. Embrace the season with every stroke, and let your nails become a testament to the grace and beauty of nature's most delightful season.


Comes with our brand new "Step by Step" guide!

BONUS Clear View Spec Sheet - not included for every plate

14 x 9 cm 

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