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Make Your Mark 07 - Lina Stamping Plate

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Lina Nail Art Supplies - Make Your Mark 07 Nail Stamping Plate 


Splatter and floral hand drawn designs onto your nails? Why not! With Make Your Mark 07 you will have the same effect of splatter paint but without the mess.


What we love about all of the Make Your Mark plates is that all "imperfections" are, in fact, perfect! The more random the strokes, splatters and hand drawn images you use on your nails, the better.


This plate even includes an image that will give you a sponge effect without needing a sponge! (Although we do offer a fantastic Sponge Wand if you prefer the "real thing"!)

Plate is 9.5 cm x 14.5 cm


Pro Tip: Pick up a bottle of Mani Defender for easy cleanup! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


What you need:

1) Nail Polish – we recommend you use a nail polish that is opaque and has a strong pigmentation. Avoid dry fast polishes. For best results use stamping polishes.  
2) Stamper and scraper
3) Lina Nail Art Supplies Stamping Plate. Remove the transparent protective film before use.

Before you start:

1. Make sure you remove the protective transparent plastic film from the front of the plates before use.
2. Clean the plate with a cotton ball with 100% pure acetone to remove the possible glue of the plastic film and let it dry.

How to stamp:

1. Make sure that your nail is completely oil free before applying stamping nail polish.
2. Apply a base coat.
3. Make sure the base coat is completely dry before you stamp.
4. Apply the nail polish on the selected design of the image plate.
5. Use the scraper to remove the excess nail polish, making sure you are holding it at a 45 ° angle. Do not press very hard in the process as this will cause too much of the nail varnish to be scr

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