Llama Squishy - A Fabullamous Friend Who Loves to Travel

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Llamas, llamas everywhere! Which one of these squishy llamas is your new BFF? Is it Lizzie, who loves to help pack products and check orders? Nope, she's ours! Perhaps your llama will be a cuddler, or tell jokes, or be a silent-but-good-listener type, or be an adventurer! One thing we do know, is that your squishy llama loves to travel and have their picture taken. So once your llama makes their way home, be sure to share your photos of your #llamainthewild with us on Instagram and Facebook!

Each squishy llama friend is fabullamously fragranced, very lightly, with a soft and pleasing slightly fruity fragrance. It's subtle and gentle and is actually quite pleasant! 

"Why do I need a llama?" The question, my friend, is why "don't" you need a llama? Your llama is travel sized (of course) and can tuck quietly into your purse, backpack, or cup holder for easy access to a quick, stress-relieving squeeze if your day demands it, and its a friendly, winking face smiling up at you will remind you to take a breath and that all will be okay on those days when you need it most. Your llama makes an excellent mani prop anywhere, anytime, and is a great distractor in an emergency for a fussy child or significant other. Keep yours at your desk or nail station for a cheery greeting whenever your eyes land on that sweet little face. Why do you need a llama, indeed. 

We can also guarantee that all of our llamas are drama free, so there's that.

Your llama is waiting anxiously for you to begin your travels together, so add yours to your cart today and get your llama mail headed on its way! Consider being a BFF yourself and snagging one for someone else who you know will love a llama in their life (pretty much anyone). They love to travel together! We can't wait to see your photos!

Llama joke, courtesy of our llama, Lizzie: What do you call a very fast llama? a Llamagini 

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