Creative Shop holographic clear jelly nail stamper with extra stamping head. Available at

Creative Shop Holo Glassy Stamper - Holographic Clear Nail Stamper with extra stamper head

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    #squadgoals -- The popular nail stamping brand Creative Shop has really done it this time! The Holo Glassy Stamper is a beautiful clear jelly stamper featuring a never-before-seen upgrade -- a clear head sprinkled with beautiful holographic shimmer!  These nail stampers are quite sticky, almost as sticky as our custom made Simply Silver stamper, and they not only come with a Creative Shop scraper card, but also a second replacement holographic stamper head.  These bundles are in limited supply, so get yours now before they run out!

    Pro Tip: We wondered if we would still be able to see through the Holo Glassy stamper head just as well as a traditional clear jelly stamper, or if the holographic shimmer would block our stamping. We are quite pleased to announce that there is no interference with visibility whatsoever, and this stamper works like a dream!

    In this video, Kyong Lee uses the Holo Glassy Stamper with several of the most popular stamping plate brands we carry! Take a look to see the stamper in action, and to get a peek at some must-have stamping plates: 

    Instructions for Use:

    1. Prime stamper by washing stamper head with dish soap before first use.

    2. Clean only with sticky tape or a lint roller (never use acetone, alcohol, nail polish remover).

    3. Use stamping head on top of nail bed (don’t poke nail tip into stamping head).

    4. We recommend rolling the stamper onto your nail for best results.


    Creative Shop Clear Stamper bundle includes:

    1 - Clear jelly stamper with holographic stamper head

    2 - Creative Shop scraper cards

    1 - Bonus replacement holographic stamping head

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    1. The Hype is True!

      I've not been a major fan of this type of product (I have Clear Jelly Stamper and Born Pretty versions) so I was a little skeptical to try this one. However, as the nail art aficionado that I am, I had to see why everyone was a little crazy over this item. Yes, the holo is very pretty (and surprisingly, doesn't get in the way of the image) but wow! it works! It really works! I spend most of my time stamping Moyra's delicate and detailed images, so I was really pleased to see how well it picked up. And hey, if it can pick up Moyra, it can pick up anything. So kudos to Creative Shop for giving us beauty, form, and function. And an extra stamper head, too! (Don't forget to gently wash it before using it the first time, and never NEVER go near it with acetone.) on Aug 17th 2018

    2. Works beautifully!

      I ordered the stamper after watching a YT tutorial by Kyong Lee. It is everthing i hoped/expected after watching the tutorial. It comes with directions and picked up my image first time i tried. I will be ordering more of them! on Aug 17th 2018

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      Hey y’all!! I hope you enjoy this video as much as me for mak...
    • Creative Shop Holo Glassy Stamper Review and Tests

    Creative Shop New Holo Glassy Stamper Review

    Hey y’all!! I hope you enjoy this video as much as me for making it!! Omg I really love this Stamper! Y’all really need this ! Here is the video I did on April 7th 2017 Mentioned Stamper At the time 2:00 It comes out in 2 weeks and you can get yours at 2 different locations. Lantern and wren And Beautometry Stay tune to get yours soon! Any other comments or questions please comment below ! Byeeeeeee Love ya! .
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