CjS Nail Polish Thinner - 20 ml

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CjS polish is hyper-pigmented (on purpose) and can thicken with time and use. Don’t worry… we got you!

Just add a few drops of CJS Polish Thinner and shake! Continue to add in increments until desired consistency and “liftability” is reached!

*Please note the bottles show as 3/4 full which equal 20ml.


Pro tips:
- only add a couple of drops at at time as you don't want to make the nail polish too thin
- as a chemical product, nail polish thinner does have a strong odor, so be sure to use it in a well ventilated area put the cap back on immediately.
- do not use nail polish thinner on a wood table or any surface with a lacquer or finish to it - we recommend that you use it over a sink or protect your surface with old towels

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