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Protect the surface you use with your gorgeous *new* CjS Nail Art Mat!  These nail art mats are perfect for almost every kind of nail art you can imagine AND look gorgeous as a photo or video backdrop! So... protect your work surface, create beautiful decals and nail art projects AND look beautiful doing it.

This mat from Clear Jelly Stamper is just the right size too! Not too big,so you can plop it down wherever you need it; and not too small, so that you won't run out of room!


Simple Clean-up - Acetone and Nail Polish Remover

To be safe, please don't let stamper heads sit on your mat, flat side down, for extended periods of time (over night). You may run the risk of it leaving behind an annoying ring on your pretty mat! 

If you do need to put your mat away, it comes in a lovely blue cardboard tube that will protect your mat until you are ready to take it out again.


Reverse stamping - We haven't found a clear coat that doesn't work beautifully yet and we have tested MANY... even the fast drying and the matte!

Staining - If you have polish that stains your stampers there's a good chance they may stain the mat as well. We found most polishes are fine so... to be safe, just test a small patch on the side and see!


24 x 33 cm

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